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I m not sure why I read Neels books They pretty much all have variations of the same plot There is an English Scottish Welsh etc nurse secretary assistant etc who works in the hospital clinic etc and there is ALWAYS a very successful, rich Dutch Doctor who is a world renown specialist They fall in love, but neither knows the others feelings until the last page of the book when one of them usually the guy declares it All that said, there is something very sweet about her romances Gentle and sweet is how I would describe them. This in my FAVORITE book off all time No sex, just two sweet and simple love stories I have read this some many times, I had to replace my first copy I highly recommend this if you want a story that makes you feel good and satisfied with the ending. A lovely little story that was expanded on and changed very little for the second story in the book One would have been sufficient, but why would they put both in one volume I m guessing the first was a short story that the author later revisited and expounded upon, but they never should have been put side by side Two novellas, with but a single plot.Taciturn Dutch doctor with small goddaughter neglected by selfish widowed mother meets statuesque, underemployed English woman with good housekeeping skills They fall in love but he does not bother to let her know. Wonderful as always. |KINDLE ♳ A Christmas Wish ☨ The Spirit And Magic Of TheHarlequin Romance Author Will Make ThisInVolume A Classic To Be Treasured Among Romance Readers Everywhere Containing A Novella As Well As A Full Length Story, This Collection Of Earlier Works Will Make The Perfect Gift For Betty S Millions Of Loyal Fans