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Cheating. Honestly, there two too stupid to live characters.This made me cry Would you buy teared up Okay, my eyes burned a little but that s still saying a lot What was the trigger view spoiler Jackass FORGOT her birthday Her 21st birthday that he made such a big fat deal over because that was when he was going to get their MOC annulled He didn t forget to buy the other woman an emerald ring though that she flaunts I knew you had to be serious to buy her a ring like that, when we can barely pay bills around here You don t have to worry about that, she added quickly, lifting a hand You were right about school I only lack one semester, and only two classes, to graduate I can get a job and work in between them, at a convenience store or something, she said, her voice rushed as she made plans Then, after I graduate, I ll get a job With the extra money, we can hire somebody else to work full time, like we planned Poor girl hide spoiler [Read Pdf] ⚇ Lawless ♱ After PuttingYear Old Christabel Gaines S Abusive Father In Prison, Texas Ranger Judd Dunn Marries Her In Name Only To Save Their Shared Ranch From Bankruptcy Now, Years Later, Their Platonic Marriage Has Given Way To Passionate Yearnings That Neither Can Handle But Danger Is Near And Their Feelings May Be Too Little, Too Late This is the only book I ve ever read where I almost wanted the heroine to pick The Other Guy In other books, the hero might do some dumb things, but you still always root for him to get the girl But in this book, the herooften than not made it tough to like him, and The Other Guy made it really hard not to root for him Lawless is one of Diana Palmer s Jacobsville books, a sort of unofficial series tied into her popular Long, Tall Texans series This book can be read as a standalone for the most part, but there are a lot of recurring characters that you won t know about And if you read this one, you definitely should read the next book, Renegade They are closely tied together.Christabel Gaines father and Judd Dunn s uncle were partners in a ranch together When Judd s uncle died, he inherited his portion One day when Christabel was sixteen, she angered her drunken father and he started beating her Judd managed to intervene, but not before Christabel was injured badly Christabel s father was sent to prison where he died no long after and she was left with an invalid mother To protect her and save the ranch, Judd married Christabel in name only and in secret.So for the last five years, they have been married on paper only and running the ranch together, though Judd was also a Texas Ranger Christabel has been in love with him for years, but he insists he will never touch her Now her twenty first birthday is approaching, a time at which Judd plans to get an annulment The last thing Christabel wants is to be separated from Judd But he s suddenly caught up in the lead actress of a movie filming on their ranch So she turns to her new friend, Cash Grier, as a distraction She s heartbroken over the upcoming loss of her in name only husband But with hidden feeling coming to the surface, a vengeful ex employee, a disruptive film crew, a flighty actress, and boundless jealousy bubbling up, things get very complicated.Like any Diana Palmer book, this one has all of her classic staplesthe emotionally cut off older hero, the young, innocent heroine Lots of angsty emotions The hero acting badly A little bit of danger And the inevitable happy ending So this book is a traditional Palmer book in every way But I ve always found her formula writing much, muchtolerable in her full length books.The oddity of this book was being torn over who Christabel should end up with There was definite chemistry between her and Judd, but Judd acted like an asshole for most of the book He was pretty wretched to Christabel and it didn t make him very likable On the opposite side, Cash Grier, Christabel s new found friend, was a sweetheart He s got plenty of darkness inside himhe is, after all, a Palmer hero or upcoming hero but in this book, he was so utterly likable He was so kind to Christabel and you get a real sense of his vulnerability There were definitely times in this book when I thought Christabel should pick him I certainly would have But romance books don t work that way and Christabel was too hung up on her feelings for Judd, even if he was mostly a total jerk And I can understand his actions to a certain extent He had emotional scars and got caught up in stupid stuff with the actress, Tippy Moore By the end of the book, he kinda redeems himself Christabel loved him so she forgave him I don t think I d have been that generous All that makes this such an intriguing book It s very, very odd to want to root for The Other Guy The oddity of it has stuck in my head since the first time I read it and I ve always wanted to read it again Diana Palmer fans will probably love this book It s hard to say it is one of my favorites because of the weird character dynamics, but I did like it a lot And I love Cash Grier He s one of my favorite romance heroes.Now I plan to reread Renegade Cash and Tippy s books because you can t read Lawless and not want to read Renegade after They re too closely tied. Girls was way too sweet for the butthole hero He treats her like crap and she takes it This is Not DP best but I have read worst Only part I love is when Cash comes to get her and dances with her The hero needs his ass handed to him for the crap he gave this innocent sweetie Does not happen because if it did I would have given it 5 stars He needed to grovel epically A good read just not great but some moments where awesome No cheating but a lot of OW drama and some OM drama so it s not a totally safe read. Another story that combines DP s love of violence, law enforcement, toxic masculinity and romance Triggers child abuse, crime scene descriptionsRomance It s not a triangle it s a square Married H h each has an other What Don t worry, DP isn t suddenly into adultery The Texas Ranger married the computer science student heroine when she was 16 They each own half of a ranch and the hero married her after sending her father to jail for child abuse The deal has always been that they will have their marriage annulled when the heroine turns 21 When the story opens the heroine is a few months away from her 21st birthday The ranch has had a bad year, so the hero jumps on the chance to have a movie filmed there His OW is a model actress who is afraid of men and uses the hero as a human shield against the director of the film Hero buys her a diamond and emerald ring and she tells heroine that they are engaged.The OM is an international man of mystery who is independently wealthy, speaks Japanese, is proficient in Latin dances and martial arts He is inexplicably the new assistant chief of the Jacobsville police force which has 20 officers LOL He is sweet to the heroine and mean to the model I m sure they ll get their own book Mystery Incorporated someone is poisoning bulls and murdering the good citizens of Jacobsville A pregnant woman and an old cowboy who saw the perpetrators cutting holes in the fence Heroine refuses to tell the hero what is going on at the ranch even though he is a Texas Ranger and it s his ranch, too headdesk And that s all I m going to say about the police procedurals and lurid descriptions of murder victims because I skimmed and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzBack to the romance Hero has the typical DP blow hot blow cold temperament He is further down the evolutionary scale of DP heroes in that he is poor he lies about his true relationship with the OW to the heroinehe spends money he doesn t have on the OWhe forgets the heroine s 21st birthdayhe buys heroine a Christmas present but doesn t give it to herhe deflowers her instead and then doesn t speak to her until she takes a bullet for himhe gets her pregnant on their trip to Japan to drum up business for organic beef he avoids her after their trip and after she took a bullet for him he kisses the OW as part of the plan to run interference from the director he gets into fisticuffs with the OM to learn the heroine s secrethe misses the heroine s labor and childbirth because he s at the movie premiere with the OW and OMAnd yet the heroine remains in love with him after she went without new clothes for the ranch while he bought a new Stetsonshielded him from worry about the fences being cut and the cattle being harmedputs up with a film crew in the house while he has his own apartment in Victoriagave him a Christmas gift after he forgot her birthdaygave him her virginitytook a bullet for him and almost diedis actually polite to the toxic OW from her hospital beddidn t tell him about the twins so he wouldn t worrygave birth aloneI m sensing a theme here Honestly, the heroine should have gone with the OM, but we all know he ll be as big of a stinker as this hero in his own book DP hasn t done triangles at least not one with two potential heroes There s never any doubt that the heroine will go with the H she s married to him, after all But DP really sold the OM over the hero.So why three stars Overall it s a fairly tight story and the motivations are clearly drawn The crimes aren t too far fetched There are some nice angsty moments for the heroine But Lordy, this hero is ridiculous Diana Palmer checklist Hairy chest CheckBreast Description Small Heroine wears a padded braCigarettes N0 Alcohol No Hero was a impulsive and violent without needing to drink Is that good or bad Town Descriptions Jacobsville Commercial Hotel, shooting range at the Anti terrorism school, pay and fish trout pond outside town.Gardenia Scent NoLOL detail The fluent Japanese The love of ballet The OM was ridiculous Cutesy detail Sex in the laundry room The spin cycle makes noise to cover their activities Running joke about red negligee Mistake in the timeline their book is next in the LTT series but this story hinted at different events and then came out with this sentence Janie Brewster Hart and her new husband Leo, married just before Christmas I will buy anything she writes except historical There is a 50 50 chance I ll finish it So for the Palmer books I will rate them as follows 1 Hero Slighly above Jerk of the year2 Read entire book Yes just because the storyline is intriguing and I was amazed at the hero s overbearing obnoxious manner 3 Intriguing Oh Yes dying to see if the guy could be a bigger asshole than he was on the previous page.4 Do I still have the book or did I give it away to the goodwill I have it and pull it out as a reminded of how much of a jerk a man can be.5 Did she jump the shark on this one God no I love Diana Palmer and this was just another Diana Palmer book I knew the chances of hating the hero was like 80% were when I brought it.6 Recommend Only to Diana Palmer fans and readers who like the pathetically asshole alpha male.7 Why say I like it Because it is exactly what you expect She didn t let me down See where you had to click on the little link that let you know that there was a spoiler here I wasn t kidding.This is your last chance before I ruin it for you Ok I warned ya.So I m just gonna go ahead and say this I put adultery or infidelity as one of the keywords, because for a good solid HALF of the bloody book, you think, even though Crissy is a total Mary Sue as far as honoring her wedding vows go, that not only has Judd cheated on Crissy in the past quietly , but that he s blatantly banging this hot piece of tail that shows up in the first couple chapters.But he s not.There I ruined the whole story for you.That s what you get for clicking on a review that you knew had spoilers in it PBut seriously.I can t stand adultery in books It turns my stomach Total turn off I don t care if it is a marriage of convenience, or even if the married partners can t breathe the same air without wanting to perform hari kari just so they won t have to tolerate the other Or heck, even if they ve been estranged for 15 years It s just not my cup of tea at all So, when I started reading this book, I had that sickly, stone in my gut feeling as I read, because it was obvious or so it seemed that while Judd was respectful of his wife, he d been getting a little something something on the side wink wink nudge nudge And then when the hoochie mama Tippy shows up in all her whoretastic glory and c mon, face it, how cliche is Tippy in this bloody book Well. You get the picture.But, turns out Judd s been behaving For five long years blink I m actually kind of impressed Our thud tastic hero, whose rare kisses practically melt the panties off of our poor love starved heroine, is actually celibate blink So yes, cliches aboundBut you know what I loved this book anyway DThis is my first Diana Palmer book, and if the rest of hers are anything like this one, I ll be glomming her with a quickness The angst in this book is delicious Judd is just too bloody stubborn to admit that he s got the hots for his much younger, married only on paper wife, and Crissy, bless her little virgin heart is just too tomboyish and in blinding love with Judd to realize that she s actually a hot little number and that it s not a case of her being undesirable but rather a case of him being chronically noble facepalm Ahhh but I do love stories like that The angst is just freaking delicious I wanna slurp it up with a spoon And Cash Oh Cash falls over How I adore him I see from other reviews that he s got his own book I m going to be at the library first thing in the morning searching for that puppy, because he s just delicious in his own right I admit, I was totally rooting for him, at least for a while dreamy sigh It would have had a higher rating, but the ending was just too contrived Twins ReallyAnd she hid it for the whole pregnancy REALLYYeah, I don t think so It just jacked the cheese factor waaaaaay up, so it lost a star. The hero was awful to her for the majority of the book but that s okay because he learned to love her when she took a bullet for him and almost died So, there you go, ladies The cure for cruel, cheating, emotionally and verbally abusive husbands is to get yourself shot, a little thing that is sure worth it in exchange for a little appreciation for all the man worshipping you have effortlessly carried out Oh, and the hussy who was flaunting her affair with the cheating cad of a husband and telling you how he confided in her that he was disgusted with your performance in bed, can be similarly healed of all her nasty OW microbes and turn into Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa combined so you are not allowed to hate her any.Now all I have left to do is find myself within the trajectory of a stray bullet so that I can be adequately punished for actually reading this piece of dried up turd. It was wonderful and engrossing Diana Palmer just gets better and better I love her ability to make us fall in love with her characters, flaws and all I enjoyed Christabel and Judd, but I especially love Cash Grier He s such an amazing character He s got a seductive, enigmatic air He also had a tenderness about him that was appealing I must admit for a little while, I wasenad of Chrissy and Cash as a couple then Judd and Chrissy, but eventually Judd proved his worthiness Thanks to the little tidbits about Cash, I am doing something I rarely do I m going to buy a hardcover book, Renegade This is Cash Grier s story and I must have it I know it s expensive, but Cash is worth it, and I m dying to read his story and see him get his happy ending with Tippy, who was briefly introduced in Lawless Lawless had wonderful exposition, storytelling, and sensuality There s definitely something about Diana Palmer s ability to write love scenes They are never explicit but they always involve the reader This book is definitely of hers that has some great love scenes Even the mystery plot wasdeveloped then usual Normally Diana s books are light on this but I can see that she s feelingcomfortable with these types of storylines Overall, I have to give Lawless an A It goes on the list as one of my all time faves by a favorite author of mine The hours that I spent reading it were pure, wondrous enjoyment And thankfully, I have Renegade to look forward to