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I never ended or properly started with this book.I just passed it to a friend of mine living in Edinburgh I hope she finished it. #DOWNLOAD â One â One Is A Celebration Of Individuality And Life Author Victoria Alexander Writes With Humour And Wisdom About The Importance Of Believing In And Valuing Ourselves She Reminds Us To Trust In Ourselves, Try Things On For Size, Take Risks And Ask For What We Want After All, We Might Just Get It At Its Heart, This Beautifully Layered Collection Of Stories, Quotes, Reflections And Evocative Images Is About The Power Of Choice And About Enjoying Life, With All Its Shifts And Changes Its Message Is Universal Accept Who You Are And Who You Can Be, Whether You Live Alone, Or Whether You Are One Of Many Good book overall and has a good message I found myself being board at times and not wanting to read sections of it because they could get boring Others may like it , I think it could be better though. A beautiful and inspirational book, however I suspect it ssuited to dipping in to rather than reading it cover to cover as I did. Very inspirational grounding I am not a One Lovely tactile textured go to book Visually this book is stunning I enjoyed diving into the amazing graphics and layout I keep this book on top of my shelf to look at for inspiration every now and then I love this book even though I am not a single You can pick it up at any time and read a few pages I find it inspirational and I love the way is has been presented like a journal and scrap book I leave it on the coffee table for my visitors to browse also Some incredible individual stories of people the author, Victoria, has come across in her life I have found myself sharing these stories when talking to friends and students I teach A great book for people who don t have a lot of time to read or who like to read in short bursts Beautiful pictures of random moments in life Love it.