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A MASTER WITH BEGINNER MINDSET What happens when an acknowledged Tarot Professional goes back and adapts the Beginner Mindset A masterpiece such as this book is Barbra Moore speaks simply yet informatively and very, may I say so, engagingly of complex matters of which the card meanings, though representing the core of this book in volume, are NOT the core of the book in meaning Well, what is the core then you ask In my opinion, it is the calm excitement of a true Professional who knows what it is like to be the one with the cards who knows what it is like to lift the veil of the unknown both in predicting the future and trying to understand oneself and one s circumstances it is the gratitude for one s long and not always easy way and desire to take a Beginner by hand and walk them straight through the bushes of being confused by choices and dry benches of lack of confidence onto the path that leads to the field of Mastery And the Field of Mastery, as we know, has no end, but it is the Journey and Exploring that matters.When a friend gifted me this book THANK YOU I thought oh, well, another book for beginners and trust me, I have read many of them After all, nothing compares with actually spending time with the cards But nonetheless, the design was SO attractive, the highlighting inside drew attention to the professionally explained because they were LIVED by the author cards core meanings, the familiar pictures of the Universal Waite, Legacy of the Divine and Shadowscapes decks called me into the book And boy was I glad they did Assumptions and judgments, inevitably associated with cards meanings are vanishing in this book It is non threatening and intellectual such scary for the beginners cards like The Devil or The Tower are lifting up the veil of scariness and opening their deep, subconscious meanings A choice, action or situation contrary to your best interests for the former and An unexpected event that changes everything for the latter Along with the core meanings Barbara dives deep into the cards from the three decks she used for this book I have to say, that both the Legacy of the Divine and the Shadowscapes decks have had Barbara Moore s influence onto their lives I think you can learnabout it from other sources I will concentrate on the review.The Minor Arcana cards are presented in the same practical format Initially, I did not like that the Court Cards are clustered together in their own section, all Pages, all Knights, all Queens and all Kings together rather than following the 1 10 cards of their correspondent suits But it made sense it is easier to compare and understand the court cards, usually called the most difficult to interpret Well, not with Barbara s book It is simple and direct, like The Knight of Wands is someone whose actions in this situation are fired by his will He has something very specific he wants to achieve he very much wants to have his way and will stop at nothing to get it The knight is all hepped up and passionate about something, and he may needlessly run roughshod over anyone in his way If his will is in sync with the querent s, he will be and so on.The Finding More Meaning section of the book introduces the reader to the techniques that bring meaning and depth to the reading Secrets of the Suits, Numbers, Elemental Dignities, Reversals, Significators smoothly run into Adding Something Extra creating a Sacred Space, application of final questions and cards, practical how to s on taking care of your decks, and finally, the section I found the most enchanting Developing Your Skills The series of exercises given there will be much useful for any Tarot Reader, even the one who s been working with cards for decades Multiples and Combinations are presented in easy to understand format, taking, as usually with Barbara s book, all the difficulty out of them.Spreads, sample readings, practical tips on working with a journal are adding to the attraction of this book in the eyes of any Beginner, desiring to be guided by a Professional who truly understands and values the Beginner Mindset.I recommend this book for every new born Tarot Enthusiast out there.Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya This book was 100% helpful for me It explains everything in detail that you need to know about Tarot and has left me confident that I can start doing this on my own I still have a lot of practice needed but you can definitely go back and use this book as a go to reference guide One of the few books that focuson how to interpret cards in context, instead of studying individual meanings Very helpful book when you know the meaning of the cards but still struggle to interpret them My all time favorite exercise is from this book in chapter 5 experiment 4 context is everything. A good, down to earth beginner s book on tarot Barbara s voice is cheerful as she teaches, compares, and leads readers through learning the basics of tarot. If you prefer not to go online to read the plethora of websites or would like a text to carry around when you don t have internet access, this book is probably worth purchasing As someone who understands the cardsthan on their basic level, this book can be a tad bit disappointing.However, if you have never worked with the cards and want a universal book to use, pick this one up You will find Barbara Moore s writing easy to understand and some of the popular decks are covered within the text. Such a good reference book I would recommend this for both beginners and those familiar with tarot. I am not a Tarot reader The symbolism and how to interpret it, is what lures This is an easy to understand book, and it is amazing what can be read into one image drawn out of the deck I appreciated the use of three cards from different decks as we are walked through the pictorial landscape of The Hanged Man or Ace of Wands it made it such a nice guide Some great tips offered to novices and good examples at the end of how to read a spread All in all, a nice ride through the Tarot that added depth, imagery and practicality. *Free ☠ Tarot for Beginners ↸ This All New Edition Of The Popular Tarot For Beginners Makes It Simpler And Enjoyable Than Ever To Learn How To Read And Interpret Tarot Cards Award Winning Tarot Expert Barbara Moore Clearly Explains Every Aspect Of The Tarot So You Can Perform Readings With Ease And ConfidenceDiscover The Core Divinatory Meanings Of All Seventy Eight Cards, Clearly Broken Down By Major And Minor Arcana, Suit, And Number A Variety Of Spreads And Sample Readings Will Help You Develop Essential Skills And Ultimately Create Your Own Unique Style Card Images Are From Three Popular Tarot Decks That Follow The Classic Rider Waite Structure Follow Easy Step By Step Instructions For Giving Effective Readings For Yourself And Others Learn About Reversals, Symbols, Interpretive Techniques, Tarot Journaling, And Much Very practical, like in its title It s not all about the theatrical magic that a lot of people think of tarot cards I m not saying that that kind of belief is bad, I m just saying I have a different view I think that tarot cards help a person to analyze a situation with the help of a stimulating guide, and also unveil some psychological factors that are buried or overlooked This book helps you learn Tarot cards whether your view be like mine or very spiritual. I liked this better than The Complete Idiot s Guide to Tarot and Fortune Telling The author s voice wasinviting and sincere I really liked the fact that she used three different decks not just the Rider Waite, which is still a deck I like to illustrate meanings It also went in detail about the artwork on each card, showing how the message was communicated through imagery.