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!Free Kindle ♺ On Wings of the Morning ♠ Marie Bostwick Delivers A Captivating Novel Of Soul Mates Discovering Each Other As The Country Faces Its Greatest ChallengeMorgan Glennon S Destiny Points Straight Up Into Oklahoma S Clear, Blue Sky It S Been That Way Since He Was Four Years Old, Imagining The Famous Flier Father He S Never Met Morgan Leaves College To Enlist As A Navy Pilot, And His Whole World Suddenly Changes When America Goes To War Watching His Friends Fall In Battle, Robs Morgan Of The Joy He Always Felt In The Air It Will Take One Very Unusual Woman To Help Him Get It BackGeorgia Jean Carter Learned Early Never To Rely On A Man For Anything But Trouble Airplanes Are Different They Take A Girl Places Most Boyfriends Can T Remarkably, The War Makes It Possible For Georgia To Do Her Part As A Pilot Flying With The WASPs Brings A Special Sense Of Belonging Yet There S Something Missing That Georgia Doesn T Recognize Until A Brief Encounter Sets Her Dreaming About A Young Flyboy She Barely Knows Praise For Marie Bostwick And Fields Of Gold A Touching Story Patricia Gaffney Captivating And Hauntingly Beautifula True Gem Romantic Times, Stars A Gripping, Heartwarming Story Dorothy Garlock On Fields Of Gold Interesting to learn about WASPs interesting location and viewpoint Engaging Love the setting and plot involving WASPs The romance was tantalizing and Eva Charles equally as interesting Captivated me the whole time This book intrigued me because it is set in the World War II era which is a current interest of mine The hero of the story has loved planes and flying since he was a small boy, and his family saved enough money to send him to flight school The heroine of the story wanted to do something useful for the war effort, so she went to school to train to be a ferry pilot, beating incredible odds to succeed Nicely put together and with enough description to satisfy my need to know about the war in the Pacific. Sweet book Sequel to Fields of Gold I liked the historical background of Charles Lindburgh and the WASPs. This is a beautifully written story I ve enjoyed it a lot Again this is a book I picked up on the New shelf at the library and I ve not been disappointed It love the love stories, the flying obsessions and the quilting ties in this book I love how the two characters come together at all the right times and how things work out I also like how the author credits God for these things It really was a joy to read this. I loved Marie Bostwick s Fields of Gold and was looking forward to loving this book as well Unfortunately Ms Bostwick decided to take a decent story and turn it into a sermon The preaching in this novel was difficult to endure and entirely out of context most of the time It is irritating when a book is touted as historical fiction but is actually thinly disguised Christian fiction You ve lost a reader, Ms Bostwick. This is a sequel to Fields of Gold I love the writing, incorporating references to history, the Bible, wise insights to life situations, and gorgeous imagery Loved following the characters earnest struggles to live a productive, honorable life, and how their lives were woven together. Started reading this yesterday is a lighter alternative to some of the heavier, political books I ve been reading lately Ayaan Hirsi Ali and was blown away Read all yesterday afternoon and all day today and couldn t put it down Interesting from a historical standpoint about women pilots during WWII, combined with a riveting love story A charming book that will keep you reading straight through to the last page.