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. .. This book, claimed t9o be sharia compliant sufism is basically a guide to handling yourself as a Muslim It focusses on matters of the heart and mind, on self control, abstinence, the nature of knowledge, intellect and closeness to God All this advise is strongly basedon the teachingsof the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad s peace be upon him traditions Metaphysical and informative, Alhamdulillah highly recommended to Muslims It s not a book that is meant to be read in a rush, its something to be gone through slowly and with care And to be kept ready for frequent browse through s later. . 10 , . ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ♗ رسالة المسترشدين ☤ , Subhan Allah this book is simply breathtaking Imam Muhasibi s advice is priceless and very practical Further Imam Zaid Shakir s commentary provides further insight to Imam Muhasibi s message This is a surprisingly easy read and I would recommend it to anyone My only advice is to take your time with the book, and really try to absorb Imam Muhasibi s wisdom. . . . One of the best books I ve read in years Zaid Shakir s beautiful English translation and commentary of Al Muhasibi s soul stirring work is refreshingly accessible to all including a lay reader or non Muslim A potent guide and reminder of the work necessary to succeed along the spiritual path of Islam. ..