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How do you rate a book that scared creeped you out so much that you hate it, but not because it is badI wonder if it is creepier now to me than it would have been as a kid As a kid I didn t have a sense of evil in the world but now, even if the stories aren t believable, the evil characters are Welcome to the Midnight Library, featuring 3 scary stories researched by its collector, Damien Graves.In The Cat Lady , Chloe has heard some ghastly rumors about the neighborhood Cat Lady ghastly rumors that could prove to be true The only story within this collection that has the potential of scaring the reader It could ve been madehorrific, in my opinion.In Who Dares Wins , Mark and Calvin are impressed by a new friend who doesn t play by the rules until they discover what kind of game she s playing The story itself wasn t scary, the stunts per se are the ones that rule your imagination.Lastly, in Don t Wake The Baby , Alice was told not to wake the baby no matter what happens She s about to find out why Lame ending, as far as I m concerned There was a great build up but you don t get what you were hoping for Book Details Title The Cat Lady The Midnight Library Author Damien Graves Reviewed By Purplycookie I was attracted to this book by the subtitle, The Cat Lady Three well written suspenseful and chilling tales appropriate for 4th graders I was entertained. Who dares wins was the best It reminded me of Are you afraid of the dark series and a little bit of Christopher Pike in the second story Out of the three stories, The Cat Lady, Who dares wins and Don t wake the baby, I liked the second one most These stories are good for middle grade students Will creep them out It would have creeped me out had I been younger and haven t been yet introduced to King and Gaiman Easy read, you can finish in one sitting and thoroughly engaging As a matter of fact, I plan on hunting this series in second hand bookshops. Yo this book is mad scary it had me thinkin if im not scared of scary movies why am i afraid of scary books thats how scary these books are. |E-PUB ⚖ The Cat Lady ♜ Chloe Never Quite Believed Her Friends Stories About The Cat Lady But When A Dare Goes Horribly Wrong, She Finds Out That The Truth Is Terrifying Than Anyone Had Ever Imagined Plus, Two Terrible Tales Think Happy Thoughts You Ve Entered A Scary Place Welcome To The Midnight Library This has 3 short stories in it.well the first one was boring and sucked,so i read half way and gave up.the second story was pretty good i liked it.the last one was the best and the creepiest Like lil scares this ones for you There s a pretty good opportunity for sitting down with your boys and talking about girls after they ve read through the second story in this book which takes up most of the book Like I always tell them, love is like war in that you have absolutely no control over what the person facing you is going to do All you can do is be prepared for what they send your way I suppose that s a bit heavy of a topic for a mid grade reader, but you re never too early to prepare for the battle if you know it s coming.Other than that, I did not really enjoy these stories My son who bought these books with hopes that scary stories might help him make scary video games did not enjoy them either I often use the expression Bad things happening to nice people to describe some of those prime time crime shows, and it pretty much fits the description of these books as well Absent the small, moral message in the center, it is a pretty dry sandwich.Sorry, Damien. This is the first book I have read from the Midnight Garden, and for a children s book, it certainly wasn t what I expected Very good plot twists, and the author kinda lures you into a false sense of security before the climax.Quite disturbing, but then again it is horror.