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DNF 60%There was absolutely nothing wrong with this book, it just was not for me, or was my kind of kink The title and the cover got me, but I really couldn t get passed the kink and accept it as something sexy, so this was it is not you it s me kinda book Feel bad DNFing a book, and I usually am pretty good at accepting things as they come, but this made me laughthan being turned on On to the next Click the spoiler for a taste of their fantasy view spoilerShe imagined her dream lover s calloused hands caressing her bare scalp while she sucked his hard, hot cock and licked the velvety smooth lubrication from his slit He d pull out when he was ready and come on her head, massaging the slick liquid into her scalp until it felt like wet silkhide spoiler What first drew me in to read Sackmaster was the cover and the blurb The cover was definitely yummy and the blurb sounded just as good A football player and a hot older model in a D s relationship with BDSM to boot This should be a hot read While the sex was indeed hot, unfortunately, the story fell flat for me There was no depth to the characters of Jimmy and Julie I know at 72 pages there isn t a lot of time to build up the characters but to me I felt there was no attempt to give any information about the main characters other than they break ups of their previous relationships Plus side both have the same fetish which is a good thing, however on the negative side, their fetish seemed to be the main focus of the story Another issue for me was the D s relationship and the BDSM or shall I say lack of both I have read a lot of books with BDSM and D s situations and at no time did I get the impression he was a Dom nor that she was a sub The book is not a total loss The sex was definitely hot, however I could have done without the creative produce scene That just isn t my cup of tea Truly my favorite part of the book was Missy This is my first book by author Ann Jacobs as well as my first book in her Necessary Roughness series I certainly may try reading Ms Jacobs but at this point I think I will hold off on reading the next book in the series.I was provided a copy of the book by JeepDiva for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review in any way and the opinions of this review are all mine.Stars 2 Flames 4 There was just something missing, well actually there was alot missing, no sooner did the author mention an upcoming event a few months hence, then a few sentances later you were there I found myself flipping back through the pages ensuring that I hadn t missed anything From a story that seemed so full of potential it was let down by paper thin characters and a story line that skipped over important events,over emphasising the obvious. Good story Athlete and a model get together She s older and they have a shared fetish of shaved head both him and her There s a bit of BDSM but nothing too major. Clare C s ReviewSackmaster is part of the Necessary Roughness series by Ellora s Cave Jimmy is a football player, a defensive end whose job it is to tackle the quarterback In real life, he s a Dom reeling from a disastrous marriage he leapt into at a young age From the first, I felt bad for him He s the kind of Dom that keeps his playing mostly in the bedroom He s likeable from the first meeting, a forever kind of guy.Julie is a 35 year old model who thinks she s old Jimmy is a few years younger, accentuating the issues Julie has with her age She also has a failed marriage behind her The backgrounds of these two made them seem likethan just characters on a page Their depth leapt off the page, keeping me riveted for the entire novella.My one wish would be for the story to slow down in places where it glossed over some of the action I liked the characters so much, I wanted to spendtime with them, experiencing the first time Jimmy sees Julie s picture in depth Even so, this was a great read I look forward toby Ms Jacobs 4 Tea Cups MacKenzie s Review I was very excited to pick up Sackmaster, which is book one in Ann Jacob s new Necessary Roughness series I had previously read Coach Me in the Gridiron Lovers series of which this new series is a spin off I was very happy to see that some of the old characters made an appearance, namely Coach Zanardi and Susan.Sackmaster has a very intriguing plot, and a unique fetish is highlighted with this tale, which is always nice to see I ve read many Ann Jacob s stories and enjoyed them, but Sackmaster just doesn t have the same feel It s missing something Overall, while the story was interesting, it was possibly too fast paced There was no real character development at least I didn t come to understand these characters at any point during the story Other than a shared kink, I didn t even have a vision of them together They were in bed so quickly it would make your head spin yes, I m aware it s an erotic romance, butthan a simple greeting between characters would have been nice to set the stage for the romance that was to hopefully follow And it felt as though the issues the characters come into the story with are never resolved they merely disappear and become non issues.Like I said, I ve read many Ann Jacob s stories and really enjoyed them I m not going to judge the entire series on this one book by any stretch Maybe it was just me it s always entirely possible that someone else would dearly love this story And I truly do look forward to Ann Jacobs next story in the Necessary Roughness series.Rated 3 Ravens by MacKenzie This book was just OK to me It was a BDSM romance with a strange fetish That part was interesting to me I don t mind reading about a strange fetish, or some crazy sexy stuff The part that was odd to me was the side stories with other characters This is supposed to be book one in the series, but it told a story like we should know about some of the other characters and their backgrounds It really felt like this was book three or four in the series There were at least two other stories I felt like I should have already known about I didn t do a lot of research on it, because I just wasn t invested enough in this book to find out I really don t think I would read anyof this series. Sackmaster is part of the Necessary Roughness series by Ann Jacobs Jimmy is a football player, a defensive end whose job it is to tackle the quarterback In real life, he s a Dom reeling from a disastrous marriage he leapt into at a young age Julie is a 35 year old model who thinks she s old Jimmy is a few years younger, accentuating the issues Julie has with her age She also has a failed marriage behind her I would have given this book a 5 if it would have went intodetail in the sex scenes The head shaving kink I have never heard of and the head shaving during a scene in the club was weird I will continue with this series {Free} ⚷ Sackmaster (Necessary Roughness, #1) õ BookIn The Necessary Roughness SeriesAll Pro Defensive End Jimmy Bronson, New To The Savannah Rebels, Moved To Escape Memories Of A Disastrous Marriage A Sexual Dominant Who S In No Hurry To Jump Into Another Relationship, He Falls In Lust With An Arresting Female Face In A MagazineJulie Silver, The Object Of His Obsession, Happens To Live In His Condo Building Their Connection Is Instantaneous And The Sex Is Hot And Wild Quickly, They Discover They Share A Fetish, Which They Decide To Play Out At Rebels Roost, The Team S Exclusive BDSM ClubThe Perfect Master And Slave Til Death Do They Part Julie Is Not So Sure She Is Older Than Jimmy And Knows That Lust Comes Easily When You Re Young, But Love Requires Time And Compromise Jimmy Is Very Sure, Though Julie Is Perfect For Him He S Already Bought Her Collar And A Length Of Diamond Studded Chain To Lace Through The Rings That Adorn Her Clit And Nipples A Committed Player In Sex Games And Life Always Gets Just What He Wants Loved this book Was a different fetish but done in a very sexy way Julie is a model who posed nude with a shaved head The company paid her 10k to donate to cancer if she did this shoot She did and loved it People raved about the nude add and was offered to do it again She said yes before she met Jimmy Jimmy just got traded pro football to Georgia and is staying in the same building as the girl of his dream, aka Julie They hit it off well and they share the same fetishes They slip back into their s D life Soon life turns greater for both of them.