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~Free Book ♍ The Tender Night (Atlantic Large Print Series) ⚒ Hurt And Embittered When Her Fiance Broke Their Engagement On The Eve Of The Wedding, Shelly Jenner Had Vowed Never To Get Emotionally Involved With A Man Again Certainly Not With Someone Like Craig Allard, Who Represented Everything She Most Disliked In A Man He Was Critical, Carping, And Made It Clear That Her Feminine Charms Did Nothing For Him I May Have Had My Heart Broken, Shelly Said Slowly, But It Hasn T Left Me Heartless I Could Never, Ever Marry Without Love I actually like this book I read it on the internet archive and I had been waiting for it for such a long time The book had its low moments like all the older books do but they were few and far between The heroine, Shelly, is introduced to us as a woman sitting in an office lost in thought I think the cover is of the heroine in this scene A man interrupts her and they abruptly start a hate relationship The man is Craig, our hero He is the son of the heroine s boss He s certainly not an easy guy to like He constantly spews his sexist spiel about how only unintelligent women are attractive and how women should behave The heroine was recently dumped by her fiance so naturally she s hurt and disillusioned with the world Shelly takes her anger over her fiance s betrayal and transfers it to all men, becoming a man hater It might seem over the top but you have to remember that she JUST got dumped.Never mind though, because the hero believes that women should be pleasant and open all the time and despises the heroine s coldness and attitude towards men In his defense, it seems the heroine only seems to hate our hero In the heroine s defense, she was left by her fiance for another woman and here we have the hero canoodling with three women at once Janine h s sister , Sylva ex girlfriend and the heroine herself At one point it seemed another woman would enter the equation The hero is constantly seen taking out Janine or making out with Sylva In fact, it seems he keeps doing this to piss off the heroine His reasons for doing all this are typical to the romance franchise and will make you squint your eyes at the explanation It is quite a nice book, though not really romantic, just a nice story of two people who end up getting together in the end.One thing I found different about this book is just how much the hero and heroine made out with other people I know people are upset with the H for kissing another woman with the heroine in the room but the H caught her kissing the OM and her ex fiance multiple times It s weird how these two kept locking lips with others and each other and nobody was in a romantic relationship. If I judge all of Lilian Peake s books based on this, I never want to read another It s so bad it s good, if you know what I mean Her name came up when I was finding vintage Mills Boon and she sure had her fans It was very hard to find her books so I only just found this.Copyrighted in 1976, the only way it feels dated was the male female roles and sbeyond that it could have been a 1990s book and I d believe it Now from the get go, our hero was a total bastard rude, abusive language and sometimes physically, like yanking on her hair so hard she cried, or grabbing her wrists and shoulders till she bruised his thanks were vicious than his insults This misogynist just kept the abuse and torture going and going, insulting Shelley from her appearance to femininity and professional competence Between him and his irresponsible mother Shelley was in a hellish job, but SHE WAS DYING TO KEEP IT, JUST TO BE NEAR HER LOVE, CRAIG It was like watching a train wreck happeninghow on earth she could fall in love with Craig who was so nasty to her, and tomcatting around with HER OWN SISTER and the local erm socialite He was all flirty and touchy feely with Sylva on the couch, forcing Shelly to continue working RIGHT THERE Arghgosh his own mother even suggested he d be interested in marrying her new stepdaughter because she was pretty, docile and not too clever I m usually not a feminist in that I don t feel the urge to burn bras, but even the constant I am not interested in an intelligent woman got to me Talking about brainless women, Janine was the worst sister, she blurted out the innermost secrets of her sister to all and sundry, had no qualms stealing her sister s boyfriend Emery, and just let Shelley look after her while she clever hunted for a rich husband The way Shelley behaved after her broken engagement was OTT, but it gave us a storyshe was such a wet rag and doormat, it s a wonder Craig got through to her at all Look at the amount of abuse he had to rain on her to soften her up Why the hell did she have to apologise each time HE kissed her, and in the end SHE had to run after him The moment she admitted he wanted her, wow the volte face was swift and WTH So he fell in love with her at first sight, but she was such a man hater then he proceeded to provoke her at every turnand all the tomcatting around was to make Shelley jealous I suppose.This book felt like a waste of time, I normally love angst but the heroine here made me want to shake her instead.