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Remedial Magic was so much fun. It is a brief story about Kimber’s attempt to practice magic. It can be read without reading Glimmerglass, the first book in the Faeriewalker series, but it is better read after just to get the full context. All readers need to know is that Kimber and Ethan are siblings, both Fae, who live in Avalon.

The story gives you a bit more insight into Kimber, which explains a lot about her personality when we meet her in Glimmerglass.

This story also makes her much more likable, as you get to see the struggles she goes through having limited magical capability, a mother who left her and a brother who can’t seem to do anything wrong and steals away all her friends. But the best “laugh out loud” parts of the story are the killer teddy bears. They alone make this worth the read.

It’s a free story, a quick read, and a delightful way to spend a Friday! Gives a whole new light on the "Teddy Bear Picnic"

For those that have read Jenna Black's Glimmerglass, you will recognize our first person protagonist this time around as Kimber, Ethan's little sister. Kimber is 15 years old, very smart (already in college), and desperately wanting her father's attention, but her father values magical talents (such as the ones Ethan can wield with ease) over her mental abilities. So she invites her friend Dee Dee over to try to help Kimber with magic. Things quickly go awry when Kimber tries to levitate teddy bears and the teddy bears become...ALIVE!
This short story is a perfect introduction to the character of Kimber and definitely makes her a much more sympathetic character (not that she wasn't already from Glimmerglass). I totally understood Kimber's desire to find her own niche, to get her dad to appreciate her for her own talents, and her resentment to her brother for tending to supersede her. Kimber also gels well with her personification in Glimmerglass.
The only other characters to appear are Ethan and Dee Dee. Ethan felt well done, definitely like his Glimmerglass personification, but a little more carefree and girlcrazy, as expected from the viewpoint of his knowing sister. Dee Dee was cool, partly because she is another Faerie, and even in Glimmerglass, you don't get to see all that many Faeries. Too bad she doesn't do more in this short story (though how that would happen without totally dragging the story...).
The story itself was poignant. Kimber learns the hard way to appreciate herself for who she is and to stop trying to be what she isn't. I also liked that she was a little selfish (not telling her brother and father she didn't really like Teddy Bears because she wanted her dad's affections in any way). I hate characters that come off as too perfect or not age appropriate (what teenager wouldn't want the attention of her parents?).
This story happens before the events of Glimmerglass, but don't think you have to read the novel before reading the short story. The two obviously work well together, but Remedial Magic could be read without the novel because it provides most of the backstory necessary for the plot.
Black's writing was great. She balanced perfectly between description (what is Faerie, what is Avalon, who are the characters, etc.) and action (trying out magic, the attack of the teddy bears, etc.).
The language is rather strong with two sh*gs, a sh*t, and two da**s. Considering the short story is about five clicks long, that is an awful lot.
Overall, I rather enjoyed this short story. I highly recommend, particularly if you have A) read Glimmerglass and liked it, B) read Glimmerglass and wanted to know more about Kimber or C) wanted to know if Glimmerglass is worth the time without spend a lot of money. READ KINDLE ☪ Remedial Magic ⚓ Delve Deeper Into The World Of The Fae With A Faeriewalker Bonus Story

Having A Prodigy For An Older Brother Is Not So Fun…especially One Who Is Magic Wizkid But Kimber Has A Plan To Finally Step Out Of His Shadow Short story

A younger sister tries to live up to her brother's image with horrible results. Cute but sad story. 4 out of 5 stars. This is a 14 page prequel to Glimmerglass. Not much happens during this short except some magic gets shorted out producing the attack of the killer teddy bears. Teddy Bear attack is averted when the ever gorgeous Ethan comes around.

That's it, that's all. Lucky it was a free download.

Also included are the prologue and first Chapter of Glimmerglass. This was a kindle freebie and so I said why not! This is a prequel to Glimmer Glass

It was a short story where we meet Kimber a very smart teen who has skipped a few grades and is now in college. Apparently she is over shadowed by her not as smart yet very magically talented brother Ethan. She asks one of her friends to come over and give her magical tutorials but it kind of turns into a hot mess.

Along with the short story you get chapter 1 of Glimmer Glass where we are introduced to Dana and her story.

I rated this a two stars/just ok, because although it was cute, the story wasn't long enough to really get to know the characters well. Not only this I didn't see the connection between Kimber, Ethan and Dana. Maybe it will be revealed later on in the series but the way it was done just didn't do it for me. I think perhaps this should have been a short that comes between book one and another book in the series.

A short story prequel involving a spell that goes awry turning teddy bears into bloodthirsty killers. Not much to it really but figured I'd warm up to Kimber in the book although when I tried to read the prologue and first chapter of Glimmerglass that was included I didn't get very far. It's based on an entirely different and unrelated protagonist with a dysfunctional mother. I have no interest in reading that whatsoever. As a teen genius who has skipped grades ahead to become a college student while her older and magically talented brother is still stuck in high school, Kimba may in any normal family be considered the favoured child. But Kimba is a faerie and her family is not normal. Kimba has always lived in the shadow of her scarily talented older brother Ethan and despite her impressively high academic scores she is seen as the family embarrassment due to her lack of magical abilities. However Kimba is determined to change all that.

Remedial Magic steps back into the life of Kimba, Dana's faerie best friend, to a time before Dana had ever step foot into Avalon and discovered her Faeriewalker ways. As an attempt at making a new friend, as well as an experiment in magic, Kimba engages a classmate to assist with a spell, however when things go terrible wrong, Kimba is given yet one more reason to detest/admire her brothers abilities. An enlightening short story looking at sibling rivalry, the practice of magic and a collection of teddy bears. Remedial Magic by Jenna Black

4 stars

Kimber is tired of being under her brother, Ethan's shadow. She's two years younger than Ethan enrolled in college and he is still considered the genius. I really liked Kimber. She was funny and I felt sorry for her. It must suck to have a brother like Ethan and to constantly be overlooked. I do plan on reading the Faeriewalker series for sure now. I really liked the way Black writes and the concept of the city of Avalon is quite fascinating. A town that's not quite in the faerie world but not quite in the human world. Sounds fun!

Whimsical Writing Scale: 4

Character Scale: 4

Plotastic Scale: 4

Cover Thoughts: The cover is really pretty. I actually really like the covers for this series, even the novella cover. Being a big fan of the Faeriewalker series, I was anxious and excited when I discovered Remedial Magic. I quickly got it and read it in one sitting, which is easy since it is only a few pages long. But that’s what a short story is, right!

I enjoyed having new insight into Kimber’s character. I enjoyed feeling her emotions towards herself and her brother. It was a nice break from the nonstop action we are used to in the Faeriewalker world.

After a moment, I was shot back into the Faeriewalker world and loved being there. Once the story got going, the exhilarating and exciting action didn’t stop. The concept is a bit odd, but entertaining nonetheless. Remedial Magic is a great story to read while you are waiting for the next book in the Faeriewalker series.