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Painfully awkward Sometimes confusing use of perspective I mean, three different point of views in one paragraph is pushing it and too much dialogue. 4 STARSThe story of the Valley of fire has a lot of mistakes they are always jumping ahead trying to out figure the other person so they don t risk thier hearts They also have people trying to hurt someone because of jealousy.Kathleen Alexander is visiting the Valley of Fire when her car breaks down and her jug of water is empty She passes out in the middle of the road.Steven Winngate was riding his motorcycle on his way to a business meeting when he almost hit the car in the middle of the road.He could not wake the blond and he figured out the car was not working So he locked up her things in the trunk and tied herto him on his bike to take her to get help Steven finally came upon cop car and flaged them down and told then where he found her They asked for his id and thought he was not The wealthy oilman They also saw his gun in his boot so they cuffed him, when he got angry at them Before they could get him to the jail they found out he was telling the truth.Kathleen also goes by the way Brandy Alexander writer but she does not like to tell people who she is The ER Doctor comes on toher and she says not He figures out who she is and asks her out a few times a day He snooped in her briefcase and then usesthat information and lies to get rid of Steven.Steven comes to visit Kathleen but gives false name because too many women come on to him because he is rich good looking powerful Because of what the doctor told him he thinks Brandy faked her car trouble to meet him and get a false story for hismagazine cancelled Plus he thought she was writing a story about him and her rescue.Brandy is shocked when he tells her he owns the magazine Brandy is falling for him but he is keeping secrets from her and she does not want him to know how much she cares.Thier are a few love scenes A lot of fights before things work out.I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley05 14 2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books [Read E-pub] ⚉ Valley of Fire ⚆ Her World Is Built On Happily Ever Afters His World Is Built On A Cynical Distrust Of Fairytale Romance Will He Prove That She S Just Another Huckster Selling Fake Dreams Wealthy Businessman Steven Winngate Thinks Bestselling Novelist Kathleen Brandy Alexander Is Researching Him For A Book When He Finds Her In The Desert Outside Las Vegas, Lost And Sick From The Heat, He Wonders If She S Pretending To Be A Stranded Hiker Conning Him Just To Score An IntroductionBut Brandy Is The Real Deal Honest, Innocent And Very Distraught By Her Sudden Dependence On The Handsome Blue Eyed Stranger Who Rescued Her He Says His Name Is Lance Reynolds, But That Rings False Soon She And Lance Are Circling Each Other Amidst The Glitter Of Vegas, Trying To Break Down The Wall Of Mystery Between Them Passionate, Intense, Romantic And Intriguing This Hot Battle Of The Sexes Will Burn Both Sides Brandy Alexander, a successful author, finds herself stranded in the Las Vegas desert, the aptly named Valley of Fire As she succumbs to heatstroke along comes the handsome, wealthy Steven Winngate to rescue her Adamant that no one knows, including Brandy, who her actual rescuer is, he ensures the state police tell her that Lance Renynolds is the one who literally ran into her car.Making a recovery, Brandy also gives an alias of Kathy Alexander both Brandy and Steve have enough trouble with being a prolific writer and businessman respectively without unwarranted attention However, the doctor treating Brandy knows who she is and makes advances especially knowing she is taken with the engimatic Lance He sows the seeds of doubt in Lance Steven s mind saying that Kathy Brandy is researching her latest character on Steven and that she has no real interest in him.Suspicion and doubts rage as they both struggle with their feelings for each other Brandy wants to meet a man who doesn t think she s one of her heroines and Steven wants a woman who will love him not his money and status Will they be able to get past their fears and allows themselves to fall in love It s a typical love story fraught with the will they won t they get it together It s rife with sexual tension as well as misunderstandings The characters are complex and the formula of another rival woman and man adds to the intrigue The author is quite descriptive and the witty, sometimes caustic conversations between the main characters make for very entertaining reading.Overall I enjoyed this story Once I started to read I didn t stop and ended up reading it in a day I felt that a few of the lengthy chats could have been cut down as it seemed too wordy And at times Steven was a little too ideal in terms of wealth and looks to be real and Brandy a little too naive However, the romance certainly bubbles away on every page and for all those die hard romantics it s worth a read.I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley on behalf of Bell Bridge Books The opinions expressed are my own and I am not required to give a positive review. Valley of Fire is the first contemporary 80s style from Janelle Taylor, success in historical romances, with multiple meanings the Vegas deserted desert hiway where sapphire eyed handsome playboy tycoon on motorcycle rescues emerald eyed beauteous virgin author rancher overcome by heatstroke, his passion, hers, and her previous book Petty jealous admirers fan misunderstandings triggered when both famous names try to protect their privacy Dated 80s costumes, details, and independent career female conflict could be edited out to leave traditional plot and vocab for classic brain bubblegum modern ish prince gets princess tale. Review At I Read, I Think, I ShareReview Date 2 June 2012Review URL is an easy read The book was originally published in 1992, now is being released as an ebook The story is quite simple Brandy was being saved by Steven They both were attracted to each other Due to fate they kept on bump into each other at different occasions However due to misunderstandings, Steven did not trust Brandy completely, and yet he could not just let go Brandy At times, I feel Steven is a little too hard to Brandy And yet he could not help himself wanted to get near her I think if not because of this, he won t be able to get to know Brandy for real And they may just miss each other.I enjoy this book very much and I rate it 3 out of 5 stars.Note I receive the digital ARC of this book from the publisher via Net Gallery I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own. Steven Wingate and Brandy Alexander are two people who need to get on the same page and not be hostile to one and another While I did enjoy the novel the fact that these two people where at logger heads for most of the novel annoyed me Not to say that there is something I don t enjoy in novels but this seem to be the whole reason for the novel I would recommend it if you like angst and that is what I felt through out the story.I have never read Janelle Taylor before but I would read another just to see if this is how she deals with all her characters or just these ones. Too slow anyway, the story was not captivating and, even if I like romance with misunderstanding that leads to love, in this book there were too many in my opinion.THANKS TO NETGALLEY AND BELL BRIDGE BOOKS FOR THE PREVIEW An older romance in the style of over the top he man male and beautiful, smart, sweet but innocent, female who misunderstand one another for 90% of the of the book, then work it out for their HEA. Valley of fire finito nelle cose da leggere totalmente per sbaglio, in un raptus di aggiunte matte e disperate, di quelle che mi capitano solo quando finisco su Netgalley Poi quando leggo romance, la mia testa parte per la tangente e si immagina chiss cosa anche quando effettivamente questo non il caso Ma visto che do sempre una chance di redenzione a tutti i libri, ecco che l ho terminato anche se il verdetto non molto positivo.Brandy Alexander una scrittrice di romance e si trova nella Valley of fire in Nevada per una ricerca per il suo prossimo libro Dopo un incidente che la lascia bloccata in mezzo al deserto e il conseguente colpo di calore viene salvata da Steven Winngate un multimilionario, un self made man che si nasconde dietro un falso nome Lace Reynolds Tra i due scoppia subito una forte attrazione ma una serie di equivoci e di incomprensioni li allontana e li riavvicina, finch i due non devono fare i conti con quello che provano l uno per l altra Nigel Casey Camille.Il libro narrato in terza persona dal punto di vista di entrambi un accozzaglia di sentimenti contrastanti, perch per la maggior parte del tempo volevo solo andare l e sbattere Steven contro un muro per svegliarlo e fargli capire che un idiota A parte gli elementi base di ogni romance che la rendono uguale a mille altre, non c nessun tipo di novit e di entusiasmo.Brandy una donna innocente, che non ha mai vissuto a contatto con sentimenti autentici, di quelli che ti spaccano il cuore e ti consumano l anima, che vive reclusa in una fattoria in Kentucky che non si mai particolarmente interessata degli uomini, nonostante scriva romanzi d a pieni di passione e improvvisamente ecco che si ritrova un uomo immensamente affascinante che le dedica le sue attenzioni Brandy scrive storie che non ha mai vissuto ma che in fondo vorrebbe vivere ma d altronde solo una ragazzina spaventata di quelle che non sanno cosa fare In lei non c evoluzione, non c nessuna conferma, c solo la presa di posizione nei confronti di Steven Neanche il suo amico musicista Nigel o la sua editrice Casey riescono a interagire davvero con lei e a portarla sulla giusta strada A momenti Nigel deve spingerla tra le braccia dell uomo E lei rimane inerme, si lascia trasportare dagli eventi, si arrabbia per i motivi sbagliati e perde una marea di tempo a difendersi in un modo totalmente incomprensibile.Steven al contrario un uomo sicuro di s , che sa il fatto suo, che ha sempre lottato per ottenere quello che vuole e a cui nessuno ha mai detto di no Ma quando si ritrova davanti Brandy totalmente disarmato, cerca in tutti i modi di proteggersi, fa le assunzioni pi sbagliate, resta a guardare inerte in momenti in cui dovrebbe agire e monta su una situazione assurda pur di ottenere ci che vuole, che tra l altro esattamente ci che ha davanti, una situazione assurda, in cui entrambi dovrebbero essere evitati dal mondo E fanno un accoppiata vincente Una delle cose che ho apprezzato sono le descrizioni dei paesaggi soprattutto quella iniziale della Valle del fuoco, dove Brandy si perde Sembra proprio di trovarsi nel bel mezzo del deserto, a soffrire il caldo con lei.Il particolare da non dimenticare Un ciondolo che rappresenta un leone.Il libro neanche particolarmente lungo, pu essere tranquillamente tenuto da parte e potrei consigliarvene mille altri da leggere La storia gi scritta nei primi capitoli si complica inutilmente sul niente Purtroppo tutto il dramma che viene presentato riesce solo a stizzire il lettore Non uno dei libri pi interessanti che abbia letto.Ringrazio comunque Netgalley e Bell Bridge Books per avermi concesso l opportunit di leggere questo libro in cambio della mia opinione.Recensione anche sul mio blog