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Interesting concepts. @Download Ð Emergenetics (R) Ü Who You Are Today Is A Result Of Certain Characteristics That Have Emerged From Your Life Experiences, Plus The Genetics With Which You Were Born This Interplay Between Nature And Nurture Is The Foundation Of Emergenetics , A Brain Based Approach To Personality Profiling That Gives You The Keys You Need To Discover Not Only Your Own Natural Strengths And Talents, But Also Those Of Others You Will Discover Your Thinking Style Conceptual, Social, Analytical, Or Structural And Your Behavioral Set Points Your Degree Of Expressiveness, Assertiveness, And Flexibility These Insights Will Help You Recognize How You Approach New Situations, How You Get Things Done, How Others See You, How To Enhance Relationships, And How To Communicate With People Who Are Not Like YouApplying Emergenetics To The Workplace Will Enable You To Make Optimal Career Decisions, Boost Your Creativity And Performance, Increase Profits, Make Better Decisions, Assemble Brain Trust Teams, Write Effective Performance Reviews, Make Presentations That Appeal To Everyone, Sell To All Kinds Of Customers, And Motivate All Kinds Of EmployeesEmergenetics Offers Invaluable Insights Instantly, And Paves The Way To Personal Growth, Satisfaction, And Success Major psychological perspective Give a method to know personal character. Bersiaplah menjadi seorang pakar Emergenetics jika anda mau Jadilah pakar,maka anda akan menjadi salah satu referensi tunggal di Indonesia. Well kind of read looked at charts etc taking a class in March Read this after Mike and his team went through the excercises and outcomes at work A different take on personality testing Worth reading. Great insights into the thinking preference and behavioural attributes profiling.Good to keep the toolkits on hand for living and working with the whole brain.Was a tad tedious to read all the toolkits in one shot But it s not meant to be read that way. I work a lot with Emergenetics is fabulous for teams and organizational development.