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There is no better time than now to tackle your growing debt economic depression or not Affluence is not measured by your annual income Affluence is determined by how many of your resources you manage not to spend the amount of income you keep, says bestselling author Mary Hunt.According to her book, Live Your Life for Half the Price Without Sacrificing the Life You Love, Mary says, no matter your current income, you can do better with what you have without giving up the life you love I m going to hold her to that It takes effort, it requires persistence, but it can be done When I first read this book at the end of 2008, I was simply looking for basic ways to cut costs Now that the economy is suffering and I lost my only steady writing gig, my income is unstable than ever I can use all the help I can get Unlike many cost cutting book writers out there, Mary Hunt has lived the life of massive debt, dug herself out, and lived to tell about it In my eyes, that makes her advice creditable and it is some darn good advice.She frequently reminds readers that they need to remember what they find most important As she points out, those things rarely have anything to do with spending money or gathering debt That doesn t mean that we don t all have bills that need to be paid Thankfully, she is chock full of helpful information on car loans, mortgages, clothing, groceries, utilities, vacations, and.As a 24 year old struggling to make a life for herself, I ve read a lot of financial books Most of them focus on paying bills off ASAP and saving money A good strategy, I agree, but not easy for someone with a consistently limited and fluctuating budget Enter Mary Hunt She gets it, she knows that any age is a good time to squelch debt and make lifestyle progress no matter your income.In our society, time equals money if you want to save, you have to spend time investigating your options It is than worth the effort, but it does involve a change of habits Mary includes numerous helpful resources for cutting costs and finding the best deal never pay retail she often chants The book also includes a 6 month subscription to her Debt Proof Living newsletter and website which has years of money saving advice, new daily tips, and an extensive community of fellow price cutters.EVERY person can benefit from reading this book financially stable or not There is always room for improvement and Mary Hunt s Live Your Life for Half the Price Without Sacrificing the Life You Love will lead you in the right direction. I bought this book forever ago The two things that came out of it that were worth the price couponing before the frenzy of extreme couponing The author included info on how to use thegrocerygame.com I saved a TON of moneybut then the sales coupon availability plummeted and stores got strict The second nugget was a selection of excellent recipes that were easy to make, not very expensive, and most of all delicious Live Your Life for Half the Price by Mary Hunt is a wonderful book Mary has gathered almost 300 pages of ways to save money and help yourself get out of debt She has a very easy way of writing and does not talk down to readers, but rather offers practical and everyday suggestions on ways to save money Need some examples How about saving money on your car, home, insurance, groceries, fees, and a whole bunch Mary uses this book in connection with her other book Debt Proof Living which I also highly recommend to help you get a plan in place for your money No longer should your money dictate what it should do with you, but you should dictate what you do with your money There should me money than month and Live Your Life for Half the Price offers practical solutions to this Mary also has a daily email list that you should subscribe to if you are serious about saving money and getting out of debt For information visit her website at www.debtproofliving.com.While you re at it and if you re interested, you should also look into Dave Ramsey and his books The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace Both are also great books with practical advice on getting out of debt and managing your money Dave is a bit extreme than Mary, but has excellent advice with his Baby Steps He also has a nationally broadcast radio show that you can listen to online Mary adds a little bit of the human touch to the getting out of debt equation and her daily column is excellent and well worth getting every day.Not trying to compare Mary Hunt to Dave Ramsey can be difficult, since I can t really separate the two in my process to get out of debt Both have given advice that has helped me tremendously and are well worth reading This was a great book with many good ideas for finding ways to spend less in many areas in life She recommends spending only 80% of your money, saving 10%, and giving away 10% One of my favorite ideas she has is making a list of best prices for everything so you know if something you see on sale is really a good deal or not She also says to want what you have, and be content with the things you do have I would read this one again, but probably just reread a few chapters instead of the entire book. ( DOWNLOAD KINDLE ) ☤ Live Your Life for Half the Price: Without Sacrificing the Life You Love (Debt-Proof Living) ♎ Popular E Book, Live Your Life For Half The Price Without Sacrificing The Life You Love Debt Proof Living By Mary Hunt This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Live Your Life For Half The Price Without Sacrificing The Life You Love Debt Proof Living , Essay By Mary Hunt Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is a great resource for ways to cut your living expenses but still live a comfortable life It has excellent tips on ways to buy cars, groceries, shop for insurance, and otherwise save money in simple ways from day to day She s easy to read.The chapters are to the point and not bogged down with too much info Recommended to anyone who wants to be smarter about their finances. This is a decent book Well written and clever Full of practical advice that most people dont think of for some reason I had already been through the Dave Ramsey program, so it was new info to me I highly recommend this to people who are new to the idea of really taking control of their finances. I am a very frugal person so I am already doing the things listed in this book However, if you are in debt, I think this book has a lot of practical suggestions for getting out and staying out of debt. Most of this wasn t applicable to our situation This was of a moral booster to be a wise consumer to avoid waste. I don t read too many finance books, but for some reason this author caught my eye She has good common sense through experience I learned a few things and am going to put them into practice.